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AMC16-DETT Multi-Circuit DC Energy Meter

Base station dedicated DC energy meter AMC16-DETT is specially designed for base stations where have sharing requirements, and switch power supply is without the function of sub-user metering. The meter could measure6 circuits DC energy, and supply working current to the matched hall sensors. Meanwhile, it can realize zero drift calibration by upper computer software.have the functions of telemetering,teleindication,teleadjusting, metering at real time,energy quality abnormal alarm, data storage and processing, data interaction.

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    • DC rated voltage: 1 channel: -48VDC
      • Accuracy:1%In≤I≤10%In error±2.5%; I>10%In error±2%
    • RS485(MODBUS-RTU)
    • DIN 35 mm
    • Designed for base stations


      • Communication
        Single channel RS485 communication protocol
        Standard or customized

        Rated U and I
        Total 200A/5V

        1%In≤I≤10%In error±2.5%;I>10%In error±2%

        Voltage range

        Power consumption
        ≤2W( no hall power supply output)

Power supply output+12V/100Ma, -12V/50mA
Power consumption≤2W( no hall power supply output)
Dimension(L*W*H)89.7*87.8*52mmInstallationDIN 35 mm
Clock≤0.5S/d(23℃), ≤1S/d(-20℃-60℃)
Current1.2 times continued  

Technical Parameters


① Digital input

② Brand/Model

③ Panel

④ Digital output

⑤ Pluse output




Q:The measurement of the metering module is inaccurate.
A:Check input whether the polarity and direction of the input voltage and current wiring are correct;Whether the direction of the primary current of the Hall sensor is correct; Whether the output signal of the Hall sensor matches the input signal required by the module; Check whether the output negative pole of the voltage output Hall sensor is connected to the module GND.
Q:Communication is abnormal.
A:Check communication whether the communication cable is normal; check whether the communication terminals A and B are staggered; check whether the address of the module is set correctly and whether the communication baud rate is set correctly; if the communication of multiple modules is not normal, first try whether the single-machine communication is normal.
Q:The metering module cannot bedisplayed normally.
A:Check whether it is caused by insufficient load capacity due to the built-in power supply to the hall sensor. Change the external switching power supply to power the hall.