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  • WIFI 4G RS485

DJSF1352-RN DIN Rail DC Energy Meter

DJSF1352-RN rail-mounted DC power meter with double DC input channels, designed for telecommunications base stations, DC charging piles, solar photovoltaic and other applications, this series of meters can measure the voltage, current, power and forward and reverse energy and so on in the DC system.The actual use of the site, you can measure the total power, but also measure the energy within a specified period of time. The test results can be used for local display, but also with industrial control equipment, computers to form a measurement and control system

  • Fast And Safe Logistics
  • Sample Available


    • Application for solar pv system 
    • Suitable for DC EV charging pile measurement
    • RS485 communication interface
    • Supports Modbus-RTU protocol
    • Relay alarm output and digital input function
    • Set the ratio, alarm, and communication parameters through button
    • Event recording of switch, programming, maximum and minimum value record


Technical Parameters


1.High Accuracy

High overload

High precision

Low power consumption

Automatically save powe outage data ,long life


LCD digital,RS485 communicate with microcomputer

LCD Display

Front Panel

① Brand/Model
② Panel
③ Set button
④ Up button
⑤ Down button
⑥ Indicator light
⑦ Enter button





QDJSF1352-RN Installation?

ADJSF1352-RN use 35mm guide rail which is convenient and quick to install.

QWhich signal input does DJSF1352-RN support?

ADJSF1352-RN voltage supports 1000V input, current supports shunt (0-75mV), Hall sensor (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V) access.