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ADW300 wireless meter is mainly used to measure three-phase active power in low-voltage network. It has the functions of RS485 communication and 470MHZ wireless communication. It is convenient for users to monitor, collect and manage electricity. It can be flexibly installed in the distribution box to realize the measurement, statistics and analysis of individual electric energy in different regions and loads.


      • DO/Dl Switch
      • Residual Current Measurement
      • Temperature Monitoring
            • Parameter Display
            • Programming Interface
            • Keypads HMl for Setting
            • Adjustment Software Setting
      • kWh (positive and negative)
      • kVarh (positive and negative)
      • U, I, P, Q, S, PF, Hz
      • Harmonic (THDv,2-31st)
      • 3-phase current&voltage imbalance
      • 4G (Global Communication Module)
      • 2G、WiFi、LoRa、NB-loT、RS485 (MODBUS-RTU)
      • 4 Time zone
      • 4 Tariff rate (Spike, Peak, Flat, Valley)
      • Max demand and occurrence time
      • 2 Time period list
      • 14 Time period by day



Acrel IOT EMS Cloud Platform is a platform based on the Internet of Things data center, which establishes uplink and downlink data standards, and provides Internet users with energy IoT data services. Users only need to purchase Acrel IoT sensors, install them and scan the QR code to obtain the required industry data services using mobile phones and computers.

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