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ADL100-EYZ Single Phase Prepaid Meter

ADL100-EYZ single phase pre-paid meters with intro-control are used for calculating the single active energy respectively on the frequency of 50/60 Hz. The built-in magnetic of meter can keep the relay on and off .It also supports RF card or remote recharge , load controlling and RS485 communication etc. meet the related technical requirements of electronic power meter in the IEC62053-21, IEC62053-22 standards.

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    • AC 220V
    • 10(60)A
    • Prepaid mode
    • LCD display
    • Historical records
    • kWh Class 1
    • DIN 35 mm


Accuracy: kWh Class 1

50/60HZ(Optional), Range: 45~65HZ

Auxiliary power supply(self supply):
220Vac(L-N), range:154~264V AC

Pulse output: Pulse output kWh

Consumption: <4VA(Each phase)

Installation: DIN 35mm

Dimension(L*W*H): 72*88*70mm

Active pulse:
Constant: 6400imp/kWh,400imp/kWh

Clock:M ≤0.5s/d

Starting current: 0.04A

Technical parameters

LCD Display

Operation Instruction

① Brand/Model
② Panel
③ Infrared Interface
④ Pulse Output light
⑤ Switch opening light
⑥ Button




QDifference between prepayment meter and measuring meter.

AMeasuring meter focuses on diversified power data measurement, power parameter measurement and analysis, power quality measurement, etc; the prepayment table focuses on billing, alarm, control tripping, etc.

QWhy is this generation divided into card and internal control meter?

AThe internal control meter supports remote recharge, reduces manpower, maintenance cost and improves user experience.

QThe reason to use wireless prepayment.

AMarket development needs. Point dispersion,It is difficult to arrange the middle layer equipment or the layout cost is very high.