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ADL200 Single Phase Din Rail Energy Meter

ADL200 din rail energy meter adopts DIN35mm din rail installation with LCD display,it can measure electric parameters and has energy pulse output, RS485 communication,which has the advantages of small size, high precision, good reliability and convenient installation.

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    • Rated Voltage: AC220V
    • Rated Current: 10(80)A
    • RS485(MODBUS-RTU) Communication
    • LCD Display; 35mm DIN Rail Installation
    • Multi-tariff: 4 Tariff Rates (Spike, Peak, Valley and Flat kWh)
    • MID Certificated


Technical Parameters



Note:The torque of direct connect should not be greater than 4.0N·m.

Front Panel

① Enter-wire
② Brand
③ Panel
④ Up Button
⑤ Down Button
⑥ Pluse Output
⑦ Model
⑧ Set Button
⑨ Out-wire




Q:The display power or energy count is inaccurate after the meter powered on.

A:Switch the meter display interface to the power (active power P, power factor λ) interface, and check whether the power display is negative or not.And whether the power factor is between 0.9-0.95, and then check whether the incoming and outgoing wires of the current signal wire are connected reversely (that is, the current The incoming wire must be the same as the incoming wire end of the meter), and consistent with the wiring diagram on the meter.

Q:It cannot communicate with the host computer normally after the instrument powered on.

A:1. The voltage value between the communication output A and B of the measuring instrument should be between +(4.4-4.5)V .

   2. Check whether the communication wiring method is correctly wired according to the wiring diagram (that is, the communication terminal A/B of the instrument must be connected with Corresponding to communication serial port A/B);