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ADW300 IoT 3-phase Wireless Smart Energy Meter

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ADW300 wireless meter is mainly used to measure three-phase active power in low-voltage network. It has the functions of RS485 communication and 470MHZ wireless communication. It is convenient for users to monitor, collect and manage electricity. It can be flexibly installed in the distribution box to realize the measurement, statistics and analysis of individual electric energy in different regions and loads.


● Communication: 4G,WiFi,LoRa,LoRaWAN, RS485
● Measurement: 3 Phase voltage, current, power, power factor, etc
● Application: Building, Factory, Smart Grids, DB Room and etc
● Rated Voltage: AC 3*220/380V,3*230/400V
● Rated Current: AC 3x1(6)A
● Standard&Certificate: CE,IEC,LVD





Active power: Class 0.5S
Reactive power: Class 2


Pulse Output

Constant: 6400imp/kWh;



<10VA(Single phase)

Dimension (L*W*H)

Panel size (L×W):82*87.8*71.5 mm



Transmission on 470MHz and maximum distance

in open space is 1km; 2G; NB



FrequencyRange: 50~60Hz


Starting current2ln

Front Panel

 DO / DI

② Brand

③ Model Number

④ Antenna Terminal

⑤ Pulse Output Light

⑥ Infrared Status

⑦ Auxiliary Power Supply

⑧ Temperature / Leakage Current