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  • WIFI 4G RS485

AMC16Z-ZD DC multi channels din rail power meter

AMC16Z-ZD DC multi channels din rail power meter is independently designed to meet the needs of the increasingly high precision power distribution management requirements of the data center. It is suitable for carious all-round inrelligent monitoring of terminal distribution equipment.

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    • Designed specifically for the power supply management of server in the data center
    • A+B independent 2 channels three-phase inlet
    • U, I, P, Q, S, PF, kWh, kvarh
    • 2nd-63rd  Harmonic


*A+B independent 2 circuits DC main line bus bar’s voltage, current, active power,
reactive power, apparent power, power factor, active power, reactive power
*6 passive switching input
*2 switching output
*1 RS485 communication

*Installation:DIN rail 35mm

* Dimension(L*W*H):

Dimension & Installation



Cabinet Diagram

Site Installation Photos