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  • WIFI 4G RS485

APM830 AC Multifunction Energy Meter

APM series meters have full power measurement, energy statistics, analysis of power quality and network communications and other functions, are mainly used for comprehensive monitoring of the quality of power supply network.

  • Fast And Safe Logistics
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    • True RMS Measurements
    • Unbalance & Phase Angles
    • True RMS Measurements
    • Unbalance & Phase Angles
    • Demands and Multi-Tariff energy
    • Max/Min Log with Timestamp
    • Total harmonics, odd、even harmonics
    • Accuracy: 0.2s


Voltage、current and power: Class 0.2
Active power: Class 0.2S; Reactive power: Class 0.5

Pulse Output
Output mode: Optocoupler pulse with open collector;
Pulse constant: 4000 (5A)、8000 (1A) imp/kWh;

Voltage、current: Power consumption: <0.5VA;
Auxiliary power supply: Power consumption ≤15VA

Starting Current: 0.1%

Installation: Panel mounted
Frequency: Range: 45-65Hz
Relay: 3A/AC250V, 3A/DC30V
Dimension (L*W*H)Panel size (L×W): 96*96mmCut-out size (L×W): 92*92mm
Auxiliary Power SupplyAC/DC 85V~265V or AC/DC 115~415V  


Front Panel

① Type of Parameters
② Load Value
③ Total Power
④ DO Status Indicator
⑤ Menu
⑥ Key Down
⑦ Data Display
⑧ Navbar
⑨ DI Status Indicator
⑩ Enter Button
⑪ Key up






Q: What’s the storage capacity, storage format and data storage interval of SD card?

A: The meter is equiped with standard 4G SD card while saving the data of electrical parameter, energy, event, SOE, alarm. Also, the setting of storage interval could be changed. (1 min interval for electrical parameter and 1 hour interval for energy)

Q: How should I select the expanded modules of APM8xx?

A: Our users can select 3 of the optional modules at will even repeatly except for communication module. Also, the order of module installation could be random

Q: The features of APM8xx?

A: Except for wave record and SD card storage function, 0.2S measuring accuracy can also be a option. Besides, APM8xx can serve as reverse display meter (which means 3-phase electrical parameters measuring plus 8-channel reverse display) Also, users can measure the data through browser by using Ethernet auto WEB.

Q: As for the auxiliary power supply of APM8xx?

A: AC/DC 85~265V or 115~415V is both optional. Also, 380V  line voltage can also serve as power supply.