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AMC72L-E4/KC Multifunction AC Power Meter

AMC series meters adopt AC sampling technology, which can measure the current ,voltage,power, power factor and electric energy parameters in the power grid separately. It can set the magnification through the panel membrane switch. The meters have RS485 communication interface, adopt Modbus protocol; also can convert the power signal into a standard DC analog signal.

  • Fast And Safe Logistics
  • Sample Available


    • Four quadrant energy metering
    • System time display
    • RS485
    • Modbus-RTU protocol and the statute DLT645


Active energy: Class 0.5
Range: 45-65Hz
Auxiliary power supply
AC/DC 85~265V
Voltage: Power consumption <0.5VA;
Current: Power consumption< 0.5VA;
Auxiliary power supply:power consumption≤10VA

Panel mounted 
Panel size (L×W): 75*75mm
Cutout (L×W): 67*67mm
Depth (H): 94.3mm 
Contact Capacity
DC 30V/3A AC 220V/3A
Pulse output

Technical Datasheet






1. Cut out a hole on the object on where we will intall the meter according to dimension of meter referred above.


2. Remove the buckle on the meter off.

3. Install the meter into the cut-out hole.

4. Buckle up and fixed the meter.


Q: No display on power?

A: Check whether the supply voltage is within the operating voltage range.

Q: Incorrect reading of voltage,current,electricty,etc?

A: Checking that the voltage/current ratio setting are correct;

Checking whether the wiring mode setting is consistent with the actual situation;

Checking whether the voltage transformer and current transformer are in good condition.

Q: Abnormal communication?

A: Check whether the adress,baud rate,check bits in the communication;

Setting are consistent with the host computer;

Check whether the RS485 converter is normal;

Check the connection is corrent if the resistor above 120 ohm is connected in parallel at the communication end.