ARD2F Motor Protection Controller

ARD2F intelligent motor protector (hereinafter referred to as the protector) is suitable for low-voltage motor circuits with rated voltage up to 660V and integrates protection, measurement, control, communication, operation and maintenance.Its perfect protection function ensures the safe operation of the motor, with logic programmable function, can meet a variety of control methods.

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    • U, I, P, S, PF, F, EP, Leakage, PTC/NTC
    • 16 protect function
    • Start control function
    • 9 programmable DI
    • 5 programmable DO
    • Modbus-RTU or Profibus-DP communication
    • 1 DC4-20mA analog output
    • 20 fault record
    • Anti-shaking function

Functional features

①Protective function
②Control function
A variety of control methods, programmable input and output
③Measurement, monitoring
Three-phase voltage, current, active power, electric energy, leakage current, power factor, PTC/NTC
④Operation and maintenance records
⑥Human-computer interaction



Typical Connection