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ARTM-Pn Wireless Temperature Monitor Data Display Device

ARTM-Pn wireless temperature measuring equipment has been developed in compliance with Specification for Wireless Temperature Measuring equipment, NB/T 42086-2016. It is suitable for 3-35kV indoor switchgears, including built-in switchgears, handcart switchgears, fixed switchgears and loop-net switchgears

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    • Wireless temperature measurement, maximum measuring 60 points;
    • DO/DI Function: 2 Over-temp Alarm Relay Outputs & 4 Digital Inputs;
    •  LCD display;
    • Dimension: 96*82*96mm (L*W*H)
    •  Auxiliary power supply adapts with AC220V, DC220V, DC110V, AC110V;
    • Electric Parameter Meausurement: U,I,P,Q,F,kWh,kVarh (Optional);
    •  1 RS485 serial communication, Modbus-RTU.

LCD Display

Function Features

1. Wireless temperature measurement, maximum measuring 60 points;

2. 4 digital inputs;

3. 2 alarm relays;

4. 1 RS485 serial communication, Modbus-RTU;

5. High temperature alarm.


Surface Mounting