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  • WIFI 4G RS485

ARTU100 Series Remote Terminal Units

ARTU100 series remote communication& control unit is designed particularly for acquisition of switching value and remote relay output in applications like intelligent distribution and industrial automation. It implements the data exchange through communication and upper computer monitoring system.

  • Fast And Safe Logistics
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    • RS485 (MODBUS -RTU)
    • Channel state indicator and communication state indicator
    • 24VDC (±10%); 220VAC, allow AC/DC 85~265V
    • 2-way 10-100mbits adaptive Ethernet communication, support IPV4, IPV6.

Functional features

1.2-way 10-100mbits adaptive Ethernet communication, support IPV4, IPV6.

2.Support Web page parameter configuration,UDP broadcast,SNMMP network management,DHCP automatic access IP.

3.It can realize 8-way Sever/Client function,and realize 8-way client connection or 8-way server connection at the same time.

4.8-way RS485 communication, baud rate support 1200-115200 can be set, data bit, check bit, stop bit can be set;each 485 can be connected to 30 meters.

5.The protocol conversion between MODBUS TCP and MODBUS RTU can be realized.




①  POW: Power light

② COM: Communication lights

③  EXT: Module communication light

④  Number of channels(Odd numbers are red lights, 
even numbers are green lights)

Realizes the data conversion from Modbus protocol to TCP/IP protocol and communicates with the equipment.