AM5 Middle Voltage Motor Protection Relay

AM5 series microcomputer protection device are applicable to the user substation which the input voltage is 35kv or above. AM5 can be used to protect and control the user substation, and is be widely used to Power Industry, Water conservancy industry, Traffic Industry, Oil industry, Chemical industry,Coal Industry, Metallurgical Industry and so on.

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    • A complete set of protection, related to the application;
    • 8 current input, 4 voltage input, 16 DI, 10 DO;
    • Auxiliary power supply adapts with AC220V, DC220V, DC110V, AC110V;
    • 2 RS485 serial communication, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC60870-5-103 and Modbus-RTU;
    • 1 RS232 for user update;
    • 1 GPS for GPS timing;
    • More than 200 sequence of event records, more than 400 system logs, and more than 10 seconds tripping context records;
    • Powerful graphic programmable Logic.
    • Line protection Motor protection Capacitor protection Feeder protection

Technical Datasheet

Technical Datasheet






Q: How to set the CT and PT ratio of the protection device?

A:The protection device can set the CT and PT ratio through the fixed value menu. For example, the current transformer is 75/5 and the voltage transformer is 10/0.1, then the CT ratio is set to 15 and the PT ratio is set to 100.

Q: For AM5, if you want to place a single circuit protection and transformer protection, how to distinguish the model?

A: AM5-F is suitable for line protection and transformer protection.No need to distinguish between models when placing orders

Q: When the voltage is three-phase three-wire system, does the current have to be connected with 2CT?

A: The voltage wiring mode and current wiring mode of the protection device can be set independently, and can be connected freely.

Q: How to confirm whether the anti-trip function is configured?

A: If the circuit breaker is equipped with anti-trip, the device does not must be equipped with anti-trip; if the circuit

breaker does not have anti-trip, you need to configure the AM5-FT anti-trip module. (If DC48V is selected as the

operating power supply, the anti-trip box is not optional, and the circuit breaker must be equipped with anti-trip

function; if you choose AC anti-trip, please note that AC and DC general anti-tripping)

Q: How to purchase suitable protection devices?

A: Before ordering, it is recommended to consult related engineers, select the appropriate protection model,

and then fill in the corresponding selection table, and place the order after confirmation by the engineers.