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AMC16Z-FDK24/48 DC multi circuits energy meter

AMC16Z-FDK24/48 DC multi circuits energy meter is independently designed to meet the needs of the increasingly high precision power distribution management requirements of the data center. It is suitable for carious all-round inrelligent monitoring of terminal distribution equipment.

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    • Designed specifically for the power supply management of server in the data center
    • A+B independent 24 circuits(48 in total)
    • U, I, P, Q, S, PF, kWh, kvarh
    • 2nd-31st  Harmonic
    • kWh Class 0.5
    • DIN 35 mm


* 24 channels of each circuit of A+B 
*independent 2 circuits the outgoing current, 
*active power, active power, reactive power
* 2-31st harmonic, 48DI
* 1 RS485 communication

*Installation:DIN rail 35mm

* Dimension(L*W*H):

Installation & Dimension



Cabinet Diagram

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