• 6~63A

  • C&D Curve

  • Protection

  • WIFI 4G RS485

ASCB1-M Smart Circuit Breaker Gateway


  • Fast And Safe Logistics
  • Sample Available


    • Over Current / Power / Temp. Protection;
    • Over / Under Voltage Protection;
    • Short Circuit Protection;
    • Leakage Current Protection.





Typical Connection


Q: Can the circuit breaker data be collected through RS485 communication?

A: The circuit breaker has its own RS485 communication interface, and it does not need to be equipped with an ASCB1-M gateway to access the customer system, but the customer needs to provide the circuit breaker with DC12V 12A auxiliary power supply

Q: How many circuit breakers can a gateway carry?

A: 16PCS

Q: How Gateways and Circuit Breakers are Networked?

A: The gateway and the circuit breaker are connected by a 4pin cable, a set of DC12V auxiliary power supply, and a set of RS485 communication lines.
The connection between the circuit breaker and the circuit breaker is the same.
One-key addressing operation through the gateway

Q: Does the circuit breaker need to be equipped with additional accessories?

A: 1. Internally integrate various sensor modules, including: current sensor, leakage transformer, temperature sensor, etc.;
2. The circuit breaker integrates the release function, which can realize remote opening and closing operations;
3. Configure the circuit breaker network cable