WHD46-33 Temperature & Humidity Controller

WHD series smart temperature and humidity controller is suitable for adjustment and control of temperature and humidity in equipments of high voltage switchgear, terminal box, ring network panel, box transformer substation etc. It can effectively protect relevant equipment from faults resulting from excessive low or high temperature, creepage or flashover etc.from humidity or condensation.

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    • Optional function: communication
    • Temperature and humidity measuring & controlling
    • Panel mounted


Temperature ±1℃
Humidity ±5%RH

Auxiliary power supply
AC 85-265V, DC 100-350V

Auxiliary power supply:
Basic power consumption(≤0.8w)
Relay power consumption(each channel≤0.7w)

Panel mounted

Pannel size (L×W): 123*63mm

Cutout size (L×W): 116*56mm
Housing (L×W×H): 56*116*85mm

Technical Datasheet



Typical Connection


Q: Connect users between the sensor and the controller,Can it be matched?How long is the length in meters?

A: The user can wire,but it is required to use a 4-core shielded wire,and a 2.5-meter shielded wire is attached to the factory.

The longest distance between the sesor and the controller is 20 meters.

Q: Can WHD Switch control manually and automatically?

A: Yes,but be sure to explain to the customer service before placing an order,it is an unnormal operation.

Q: User have their own sensor,can they buy a controller?

A: No,the sensor and controller need to be used together,2 device can not sold seperately.